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TeeVee: Goodbye Stargate, Hello HEX

Sunday, June 24, 2007posted by Michael Rothwell @ 6:06 PM

Stargate SG-1 aired its final episode this past Friday. I'll miss it -- it was a fun show. It peaked a few seasons ago (wormhole extreme! -- I liked how the show never took itself too seriously), but was still enjoyable. The Stargate concept -- past civilizations, the gate network, aliens playing the roles of gods (they cleverly managed to defeat the Goa'uld without ever meeting Yahweh, part of the reason they lasted 10 seasons, I suppose) -- gave the writers a very interesting way to fictionalize myths and history into entertaining science fiction. And the thrum that the Daedalus made in the vacuum of space always provided a good a chuckle. Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson were the core of the show's personality.
General Hammond: You ever think of writing a book about your military exploits?
Jack O'Neill: I've thought about it. But then I'd have to shoot anybody that actually read it. That's a joke, sir.

Martin : A top-secret government program involving instantaneous travel to other solar systems by means of a device known as a stargate.
O'Neill: Sounds like a good idea for a TV show. If you're into that sort of thing.

: This tastes like chicken.
Carter: So what's wrong with it?
Jackson: It's macaroni and cheese.

Kershaw: I feel better just knowing there's an archaeologist watching our backs.
Jackson: Yeah, which end do the bullets go in again?
Hopefully the Stargate movies will be good.

Lately, I've been watching Hex on BBC. It's like a British version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but instead of vampires on the loose, it's fallen angels, and swap Ella for Buffy.

Weeds is a great show, but I canceled Showtime a while back. Ah, well. I watched through Season 2, and I'm not sure there will be a Season 3, anyway.

I wish they'd bring back Dead Like Me and Firefly. In the meantime, there's Dirty Jobs, Criminal Minds, and The Closer.