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IMAP-IDLE 1.07 pre 2

Monday, February 19, 2007posted by Michael Rothwell @ 6:45 PM

IMAP-IDLE 1.07 pre 2 is available here. This version builds on 1.07 pre 1, providing:

  • bug fixes (more stability)
  • better recovery from loss of network
  • better wake-from-sleep behavior
It also has a currently-useless preference for "periodic mailbox sync". The idea is to make mail do a sync of each account's mailboxes on a custom schedule determined by you, the user. At the moment, poking mail to sync causes it to beachball, so I''ve not yet figured out how to properly use that part of the API. Thus, you can set the "sync" preference all you want, but it doesn't do anything.

I've been running this version on two Intel macs for a couple of days without incident.

Post issues in the comments!