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Lockups with "kernel: shared_region: lsf_map: unable to allocate mapping"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006posted by Michael Rothwell @ 8:43 PM

My Macbook Pro locked up twice today. Lines like the following appeared repeatedly in the system log.

Dec 19 16:10:35 Foamy kernel[0]: shared_region: 0x50b6894: lsf_map: unable to allocate mapping

I had installed ShapeShifter (MacHeist bundle!) recently. I disabled it in the APE preference pane. Hopefully the lockups stop.

I could ping the machine. I could even partially ssh in:

kernel[0]: shared_region: 0x707ecec: lsf_map: unable to allocate mapping
Foamy sshd[4215]: fatal: Timeout before authentication for
kernel[0]: shared_region: 0x56659a4: lsf_map: unable to allocate mapping

But it was effectively dead.