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Rails + Laszlo? Flex?

Thursday, September 14, 2006posted by Michael Rothwell @ 1:06 AM

The Laszlo folks have a new thing called "Legals" (announcement). Laszlo/OpenLaszlo is a "Rich Internet Application" thing that generates Flash (SWF) files as the UI for web applications. "Legals" targets more than just Flash, though, and can render a "Laszlo" UI as DHTML, which is pretty neat. Apparently the Legals team intends to support "other targets" in the future, presumably SVG and WPF/E. I hope they support Rails.

The older OpenLaszlo has support available for Rails. The OpenLaszlo Project Blog talks about it. A guy named Rodney got it working on the Mac, and through the magic of google, I became aware of this feat.

Adobe has released a Rails SDK for Flex, which is their RIA-generates-SWF solution.