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OsiriX - free DICOM (xray) image viewer for Mac OS X

Wednesday, July 27, 2005posted by Michael Rothwell @ 10:44 PM

OsiriX is a free and open source DICOM Viewer for MacOS X.

My local urgent care gave me a DICOM CD of my shattered right ring finger. It came with a passable Windows viewer. OsiriX immediately recognized the disc and displayed the images. It exports to JPEG, movies, etc. In fact, the image below was exported from OsiriX. It will also creates DICOM-compatible CDs and DVDs, exports/imports to a variety of sources (including, interestingly, "iPod"). I've only just scratched the surface of this program, mainly because it quickly did exactly what I wanted -- exported the xrays of my hand to JPEG images.

Did I mention it's free and open source? It blows the proprietary Windows program out of the water!

If you work with DICOM images, and have a Mac, give OsiriX a spin. And recommend it to your patients.